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Bath-Doh - Trio Pack 1

Bath-Doh - Trio Pack 1

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T R I O  P A C K!!
We have been listening and here it is! Three different coloured and scented pieces of Bath-Doh! 
S T R A W B E R Y  M I L K
L E M O N  B R E E Z E
C O C O N U T  L I M E 

Make bath time fun with our awesome Bath-Doh! Feels like craft dough, moulds like craft dough but lathers and cleans like soap when you add water! TO USE: Break off a small piece of Bath-Doh. Rub in circular motions under water until bubbles appear!

INGREDIENTS: Cornstarch, SLSA, Grapeseed oil, vegetable Glycerine, Coca Betaine (from coconut oil), mica & fragrance oil - THATS IT!!!!